NFL GD 16 im TV

NFL GD 16 im TV

Freitag 02:00 Minnesota @ Green Bay (Thursday Night live)
Freitag 18:00 Game Day (NFL Blast DSF)
Freitag 20:30 Minnesota @ Green Bay (Aufzeichnung)

Sonntag 02:00 Kansas City @ Oakland (Saturday Night live)
Sonntag 19:00 New Orleans @ New York (live)
Sonntag 22:00 Cincinnati @ Denver (live)

Montag 02:00 Kansas City @ Oakland (Aufzeichnung)
Montag 05:30 New Orleand @ New York (Aufzeichnung)
Montag 16:30 New England @ Jacksonville (As live)
Montag 19:00 Arizona @ San Francisco (As live)
Montag 21:30 NFL Game Day (NASN)
Montag 23:00 Philadelphia @ Dallas (live)

Dienstag 02:30 NY Jets @ Miami (Monday Night live)

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