Java Forum Nord 2016

Java Forum Nord
Last week (October 20th) I attended the second “Java Forum Nord” in Hannover. The Java Forum is now in its second year but is the evolution of an older and smaller conference in Göttingen (Source Talk Tage). The relocation and renaming of the conference was necessary because it wasn’t possible to attract an audience huge enough to get top speakers to Göttingen. To make the transfer possible the JUG Deutschland which is located in Göttingen and hosted the Source Talk cooperates now with the JUG Bremen, JUG Hamburg, JUG Hessen (Kassel), JUG Ostfalen, SUN User Group Deutschland and the local JUG Hannover.
As a result the conference professionalized very quickly and the audience grew by a huge number. After the first edition in 2015 took place in a small Hotel at the Hannover main train station and was quickly sold out they relocated to the bigger Hotel Dormero in Hannover which had space for 400 participants and was sold out, too. After I would consider last year as a transition year I had this year the feeling to be on a very serious one day conference which had definitively left the amateur status. What makes this conference so special is that it is organized by the JUGs (Java User Groups) and aims for no profit which makes it possible to give very cheap tickets away. Read More »

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Removing Excel rows with POI

When generating Excel Sheets it is sometimes necessary to remove rows which match a given criteria afterwards. The first idea for this would be to use removeRow(Row row) but this has the problem that it deletes all the row contents and leaves the empty row in your sheet which is probably not what you want. To remove the rows as a whole the shiftRows(int startRow, int endRow, int n) is needed.
Lets say we have a xls file with column A being the title which is always filled but we want to remove every row in which the data column B is not filled. For this case the following snippet would be appropriate Read More »

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Book review: Becoming a Better Programmer

Becoming a Better Programmer

Becoming a Better Programmer

This is a book I wish I had read when starting my career as a professional developer because I would have had a head start about many of the things everybody takes for granted but at as a student nobody tells you about.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t say that I couldn’t get anything out of the book because I have already known it all but as it tries to cover nearly everything that is important for a professional developer there are naturally some things I already was aware about.

This book is not about telling you which patterns to use or how to solve specific problems but covers more the everyday life of a developer and how to become better in getting the right behavior, communicating with colleagues and customers, important general concepts in programming, a bit of tooling hints, basics of agile development and how to learn and what to read.

Positive: Read More »

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Solution for the IntelliJ issue on macOS Sierra

Jetbrains has come up with a solution for the scrolling problem with IntelliJ IDEA based IDEs under macOS Sierra. They released a modified JDK8 which hast to be set as boot JDK for IntelliJ. You can download the JDK here.
For setting it as the boot JDK you need to got to action menu. This is reached under macOS by pressing ⌘ + ⇧ + a (in other words cmd + shift + a) buttons and entering in the search box the term “switch IDE boot JDK”.
The new JDK will be part of the next stable release of IntelliJ and is actually available as part of the 2016.3 EAP.
As this seems to fix the scrolling issue there are still reports of problems with the context click behavior.

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Started into blogging again with a little help


As this Blog is fairly old (I started it in 2006 and therefore it will have 10th anniversary later this year) I have to admit it wasn’t very active during the last years and at some point it was nearly forgotten. During the period from getting to my masters degree in software engineering to becoming a professional software developer I stopped blogging because I had so much to learn and so much work to do to get on track with all the technologies and methodologies that are wanted by the industry that I thought I couldn’t manage to write quality blog posts.

Now, some years later I still constantly learn a lot of new things but it adjusted to my normal everyday live and after going to some conferences and meeting people at local user groups etc. I read many blogs of speakers and attendees and it got me thinking that it would be a fun to reactivate my own blog. At first I decided to make some changes. Over the years the stats of this blog showed that the most read articles were how tos, problem solutions or technology reviews. As a result of this it makes perfect sense to write about my programming and technology experiences.

After that decision was made I coincidentally listened to an episode of “Software Engineering Radio” with guest John Sonmez wo is the founder of Not knowing him until then I read some of his blog articles and watched a couple of his videos when I found his 6 week eMail course about creating a blog and decided to try this to see what a successful blogger has to say about what is important at blogging. The course is for free and to be honest it doesn’t give you information you have never heard of or couldn’t come up with by yourself but what it really does is it gave me motivation to give it an honest second chance and John makes very clear what he thinks are the most important things to be successful with a blog (obviously success can’t be granted but it seems clear that it is easy to make fundamental mistakes). If you are interested in creating a blog I can definitely recommend the course. It doesn’t take much time and is a good starter by an experienced blogger.

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