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Find and kill a process on a specific port (lsof)

You might all have experienced the situation when you want to start a server either from within your IDE or via the terminal to only get the error that the “port is already in use” and the startup is aborted. This is mostly caused by aborting the server or a crash of the IDE which […]
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My git svn workflow

Using a remote subversion repository with git locally requires some adoptions to the local git usage compared to working in a pure git environment. The reason for this is that the remote subversion don’t know about many of the concepts the local git supports (local branches or multiple local commits before checkin for example). Because […]
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Maven Archetypes in Eclipse

Wer sich schon immer gefragt hat wieso auch bei installiertem m2eclipse Maven-Plugin nur eine minimale Auswahl an verschiedenen Archetypes in Eclipse zur Verfügung steht kann diese Auswahl ganz einfach manuell erweitern. Dazu muss im Eclipse das Maven Archetype Menü geöffnet werden: Window > Preferences > Maven > Archetype Dort kann unter der Option Add Remote […]
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