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JavaOne 2016 recordings

If you are interested in the JavaOne talks but couldn’t make it to San Francisco there is already a Playlist with all recorded sessions (85 Videos) from this year on YouTube. I would be glad to recommend anything but until today I was too busy for watching anything so there is only the raw link for […]
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Scrolling issue with macOS Sierra and IntelliJ IDEA [UPDATE]

If you rely on IntelliJ (or any other IDE based on the IntelliJ platform like WebStorm i.e.) for your daily work and use a touchpad (no matter if the Macbook internal or the magic trackpad) you should not upgrade to Sierra at the moment. The issue is that the scrolling behavior in IntelliJ is extremely […]
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eclipse workspace in use

As I’m a huge fan of IntelliJ IDEA I don’t use eclipse very often during the last years but I have a dedicated project where I need to regularly use for creating deployments and connect with some remote test servers. So I have to deal with eclipse and its problems, too. A recurring problem for […]
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Using CellUtil with POI to avoid too many cell styles in Excel

When you create Excel documents with the popular Apache POI library it is possible that you encounter a problem where Excel tells you there are “Too many different cell formats”. A possible source for this is that you probably have a loop structure in which you define a new cell style for every cell you […]
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In den letzten Jahren ist einiges passiert. Ich habe meinen Arbeitgeber gewechselt und bin bei einem Consultingunternehmen tätig. Ich habe mich, anschließend an das Vaadin Projekt, weiterhin auf Java/EE und hier vor allem, aber nicht ausschließlich, auf Webapplikationsentwicklung spezialisiert. Nicht aus bleibt dabei natürlich sich mit den diversen JavaScript Frameworks und Toolchains zu beschäftigen. In […]
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