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eclipse workspace in use

As I’m a huge fan of IntelliJ IDEA I don’t use eclipse very often during the last years but I have a dedicated project where I need to regularly use for creating deployments and connect with some remote test servers. So I have to deal with eclipse and its problems, too. A recurring problem for […]
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Using CellUtil with POI to avoid too many cell styles in Excel

When you create Excel documents with the popular Apache POI library it is possible that you encounter a problem where Excel tells you there are “Too many different cell formats”. A possible source for this is that you probably have a loop structure in which you define a new cell style for every cell you […]
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My git svn workflow

Using a remote subversion repository with git locally requires some adoptions to the local git usage compared to working in a pure git environment. The reason for this is that the remote subversion don’t know about many of the concepts the local git supports (local branches or multiple local commits before checkin for example). Because […]
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Checking out a subversion repository with git

Everyone who has worked with git for some time and has to go back to subversion will experience the feeling that subversion is doing so many things wrong and making things unnecessary complicated. Luckily git comes with a build in svn bridge which enables us to work local with git while on the server side […]
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Ubuntu XAMPP und MySQL Workbench

Ich nutze als Entwicklungsdatenbank gerne ein XAMPP Paket und stieß nun auf ein Problem als ich mit der MySQL Workbench einen Dump einer anderen DB lokal einspielen wollte. Ich konnte meine lokale DB zwar auslesen aber die zum einfügen benötigte SOCKS Verbindung wurde mit folgender Fehlermeldung abgelehnt: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket […]
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